I've experienced many career highlights after completing seven seasons as the keyboardist in the Mike Bullard show house band. We've written and played a lot of music over the years, along with backing up many of the biggest stars around. Throughout the seven seasons, my gear has had some transitions. I've stayed current with the latest boards that would come out during that time, along with playing some of my favourite vintage gear. Below are some pics showing what I've used through the years. Six seasons of Canadian Idol has also brought me similar experiences. Projects involved included recording compilation CD of finalists, and recording all the weekly songs sung by the competitors.

Here's a look back at some of the work on CTV's Open Mike, and as it was later known, Global's Mike Bullard Show---some charts and some audio files.


Yamaha EX5 with 16MB of flash ROM and 64MB of RAM
Yamaha Motif ES 8 and ES 6
Yamaha CS6X
Yamaha CS2X
Fender Rhodes 73 Stage
Moog Source
Moog Prodigy
Quiklok 2-Tier keyboard stand
Yamaha MX12/6 sub mixer
In ear monitors

A lot of musicians have asked me about the various bumpers we play. Here are examples of bumpers I've written. The heads are charted out, and when played once or twice through, we'll jam or "blow" over the changes. I try to write different kinds and styles to switch it up a bit, so here they are.

On a technical note, clicking on the note on the left will play an MP3 of the Bumper. If you click on the 'view' link on the right, the sheet music will come up and you can play the bumper from there as well.

Lino's #1 view
Lino's #2 view
Lino's #3 view
Lino's #4 view
Lino's #5 view
Lino's #6 view
Lino's #7 view
Lino's #8 view
Pad's Day view
Pad's Eye view
Pad's Semi view
Pad's Stride view
Pad's Style view
Pad's Box view
Pad's Feel view
Pad's Half view
Pad's Pads view
Pad's Samba #1 view
Pad's Walk view
Pad's Carabie view
Tony's Accord view
Tony's Clav view
Tony's Country Funk view
Tony's Dream view
Tony's Latin #1 view
Tony's Latin #2 view
Tony's Latin #3 view
Tony's Latin #4 view
Tony's McCoy view
Tony's Pace view
Tony's Run view
Tony's Smooth Samba view
Tony's Sus view
Tony's Tower view
Tony's Vogue view
Tony's Way view
Tony's 'B' Minor view
Tony's Glide view
Tony's Fourth Blues view
Tony's Slow Rock view